If you or a loved one has a substance abuse problem, then you understand that treatment can be a struggle. It can also be expensive. There are a variety of treatment options available for those with dependency issues, but most of them do not have lasting effects, not like Ibogaine.

What addictions does Ibogaine effectively treat?

As you have read throughout our site, Ibogaine is an extremely effective tool for treating addiction, but many people ask which addictions it can treat. Most of the time Ibogaine treatment is associated with opiate addiction, things like heroin, prescription painkillers, suboxone, and methadone–but that is not all it treats. The important distinction to make here is that the medicine is very effective at curbing and even eliminating most opiate withdrawal symptoms but it also has a much higher function for addressing addiction and that is the psychological, and sometimes spiritual, insight it provides to the individual.

It is these elements of addiction that are applicable to virtual everyone who is suffering and it is these root issues that, when explored, the individual’s mental/spiritual/emotional state becomes a clear sky when all they saw before was storm clouds. This is Ibogaine’s real power. So, ultimately, it has the capacity to treat ALL addictions and help heal any mental disorder, sometimes it takes longer for some to gain clarity but it happens with effort and perseverance. Here is a list to show which types of addictions we have seen Ibogaine help heal.

Types of Addictions :

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