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Ibogaine treatment interrupts addictions with few to no withdrawals

Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center Can Help


What makes our 3-part Ibogaine Treatment Program special?

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Ibogaine Treatment Center

What Is Ibogaine?

Ibogaine is derived from the root bark of the Iboga plant from Central Africa and acts as an “addiction interrupter” because it interrupts the feedback loop in the brain that keeps the addicted individual coming back to the addictive substance/behavior over and over again. That makes Ibogaine detox a unique and powerful experience, with lasting results. It treats opiates, heroin, methamphetamine, alcohol, cocaine, methadone, suboxone and many other addictions as well as a variety of mental issues such as anxiety, depression, and trauma. Ibogaine is also used for psychological introspection and spiritual discovery. Watch the below interview to learn more about Ibogaine and our approach.

Given up on conventional addiction recovery programs? Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment can give you a new lease on life



How Crossroads Ibogaine Treatments Work

How Does Ibogaine Work

Ibogaine is what’s known as an “addiction interrupter” because it provides immediate physical relief and mental clarity from addiction. It gives the individual a tremendous opportunity to change their life. That makes Ibogaine detox a unique and powerful experience, that when utilized properly provides lasting results.

Addiction Treatment

Ibogaine Treatment

Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center offers a 7-day ibogaine detox treatment program, a multi-week addiction recovery program, and a 3-day Psychospiritual Iboga Treatment. Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center is the only addiction treatment center in the world to offer such comprehensive options.

Mental Health

Mental Health

Ibogaine and iboga have been used for generations in Central Africa, and over the last few decades the western world has been exposed to the amazing potential they have for healing the mind. We offer a program specifically tailored to treat PTSD, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

Personal Development

Personal Development

The well-examined life is a lifelong pursuit of personal growth and self discovery. The psychedelic medicines we use facilitate a deep, introspective dive into the self and can be a major catalyst for people who feel like they are stuck or want more in life.

We support your full recovery with groundbreaking heart and soul centered therapies at our high-tech clinic

Virtual Precare Program

Virtual Precare

An Ibogaine detox program is a serious undertaking that is designed to fundamentally alter the course of one’s life. Each guest of our program is paired with a recovery coach before the experience to help them mentally prepare in the days and weeks before treatment starts.

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Inpatient Detox Program

Inpatient Detox

Crossroads is different in that we offer numerous programs in order to restart your life. To better understand the program that fits your situation and learn more about pricing please contact us, every individual is unique.

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Medical Screening

Medical Treatment
and Evaluation

For all guests that come to Crossroads a preliminary medical screening is done. We take the utmost care to make sure each guest is cleared as a suitable candidate for treatment. Licensed physicians then oversee the Ibogaine experience.

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Ibogaine Aftercare Program


Following an ibogaine detox, which interrupts the individual’s physical addiction to a substance, integrating the ibogaine experience and laying the foundation for a post-addiction life through a long-term aftercare recovery plan is critical.

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Speak to our friendly support staff to learn more about ibogaine treatment for you or your loved one


Here’s what guests say about Crossroads

“I honestly feel like you guys have an excellent program/service there. The whole process was smooth, positive, and just what I was after. I came there just wanting to be “cured” from an addiction but it did more than I thought was even possible. The addiction was just a side effect of stuff in my mind that I didn’t even know was there. That place will forever have a special place in my heart. I have my LIFE back!! THANK YOU!!”
Amy S.
“Changed my life forever. It’s an amazing plant medicine. Gave me 100% freedom not just from my addiction but from all my deep emotional issues as well. All I can say is WOW!!!!!”
Taylor H.

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