A comprehensive and pioneering treatment option has recently been developed in the field of drug addiction treatment; heroin addiction treatment to be precise. Regardless of how counterintuitive this may sound, this specific addiction treatment procedure focuses on the process of treatment of heroin addicts by prescribing the use of more heroin. Recent data was collected in the field of drug addiction treatment, whereby scientists had carried out extensive studies on cocaine addiction treatment, heroin addiction treatment, meth addiction treatment, oxycontin addiction treatment and alcohol addiction treatment. The data proved an effective treatment of hardened addicts may come in the form of supervised heroin administration provided in select clinics. In fact, some drug addiction professionals firmly believe this method could actually work, while other processes of detoxification and methadone programs are rendered ineffective. However, the most successful treatments in the past have been Ibogaine and/or Ibogaine treatments.

Similar to the practices of Switzerland, Britain recently completed a four year clinical trial using the alternative drug addiction treatment discussed earlier. In these trials, life-long opiate addicts were given daily heroin injections on a regular basis over the course of a predetermined period of time. Ultimately, the results of this experiment revealed that this experimental method actually helped reduce the rampant use of street drugs as well as the increasing rate of crime among heroin addicted patients. Countries like Switzerland have already integrated this new method into its regular practices. It has also been confirmed that Britain is making the arrangements to do the same.

This pioneering innovation in heroin addiction treatment has led to the establishment of Swiss heroin clinics funded by the state. The same types of clinics are in the process of being developed in Britain for heroin addiction treatment, cocaine addiction treatment, meth addiction treatment and oxycontin treatment for chronic addicts.
John Strang, who features as one of the prime figures in this project on behalf of the King’s Health Partners in London and the National Addiction Center explained, “It’s a less than perfect treatment, but for entrenched addicts, it helps addicts take the first steps toward getting their life together. Some addicts will establish complete recovery, while others will progress from a bad place to a less bad place.”

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