4 Tips to Smoothly Transition to Regular Life after Ibogaine

4 Tips to Smoothly Transition to Regular Life after IbogaineThe transition from addiction treatment back to “normal” life can be a complicated process. As successful as treatment can be, making the change to a life of sobriety after addiction can be a very overwhelming time in someone’s life, to say the least. Even the strongest willed of individuals run the potential for relapse. Finding ways to make the transition run smoothly is vital to continued success and lasting sobriety.

As life changing as Ibogaine is, no treatment forces the individual to stay off drugs or alcohol. Ibogaine does offer a chance at successfully helping someone beat addiction, but in the end it is entirely up to the individual to ensure they’re doing everything possible to smoothly transition to this new life.

Recovery takes time. One doesn’t simply get treatment and lose the urge to use again. The recovery process is a lot of work, and to ensure this process goes as smoothly as possible there are definitely some steps that should be taken. Making one’s way back into the world sober is going to take work, but the results are 100 percent worth it. Keeping the following things in mind after addiction treatment will help you ease into life a little bit easier and embrace the changes brought your way.

  1. Get in the Habit of a Normal Routine

The importance of a regular routine and staying busy cannot be stressed enough when making the transition back to normal life. The last thing you want to do is relapse, and sticking to a routine can help immensely. Get up at the same time daily and ensure you’re filling your days with activity. Sitting around all day is only going to make you want to use more.

Getting a job or enrolling in classes are both excellent ways to fill up your days. If this isn’t possible from where you’re at right now, be sure that you’re regularly getting out and doing things each day. Consider volunteering for a cause you believe in. Join the gym and make exercise a priority. Take a class at your local art studio. Set up a routine schedule for your life and stick to it. Staying busy will dramatically increase the ease of your new transition.

  1. Seek the Support of Others

Although it might feel like you’re completely alone as you transition to a life of sobriety, there are countless others going through, or who have gone through, what you’re experiencing. Seeking the support of others who understand the changes can make the shift to sober life much easier than you might think.

Going to group meetings or individual counseling can offer the support you need. Addiction recovery is an extremely delicate time in one’s life and having others who have experience with what you’re feeling can help you feel less alone. Without support it’s very possible to easily give in to your negative feelings and end up relapsing.

  1. Eat Right and Get Plenty of Exercise

Eating healthy foods and making exercise a priority is one of the most important things you can do when transitioning from being an addict to living a life of sobriety. Your body needs proper nutrition to repair the damage that was done when using drugs or alcohol. What we eat has everything to do with how we feel. Making sure to eat wholesome, nourishing foods will make a huge difference in the adjustment process. Be sure to get tons of fresh fruits and vegetables, plenty of greens, lean proteins, and whole grains. Stay away from processed foods and sugar–they’ll only make you feel worse.

Don’t forget to get (and keep) your body moving! Exercise is one of the best remedies for many different problems. When you make it part of your regular routine you’re bound to feel better and want to stay sober. Exercise does wonders to boost our mood and keep us motivated, and it will make the new life you’ve chosen that much more enjoyable. Shoot some hoops, hit the driving range, or check out a yoga class–there’s plenty to do to keep you active and occupied.

  1. Learn How to Embrace Positive Thinking

This can be one of the hardest things to do when transitioning back to normal life after treatment. It can prove to be really difficult to deal with life sober, and the dark days of recovery can make one feel an overwhelming urge to use. Negative thoughts can destroy the mentality of even the most determined of individuals. It’s vital to embrace positive thinking more now than ever.

Read motivational books or watch inspiring movies. Hang out with people you love and do things that bring you joy. There are countless ways to embrace positive thinking and finding things that resonate with you (and make you happy) is crucial when it comes to making this big transition.

Understanding that the transition to a regular life after getting treatment for addiction isn’t always easy. Successfully making it through treatment is the first step. The next is figuring out ways to make the transition easier. It is possible to overcome addiction and go on to lead a fulfilling life…it just takes a little work and preparation along the way.