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Although Crossroads began years ago with one man, Dr. Martin Polanco, wanting to save a family member, it has now attracted dozens of people whose lives or family members lives have been changed with Ibogaine and plant medicine. Everyone, from Crossroads licensed medical team in Mexico to the Admissions team, has seen the power of this unique and valuable medicine from Africa. Today it is our mission to provide the safest and most effective Ibogaine treatment in the world and we are rewarded with the results we see in each guest’s success. The other thing that we feel makes us unique is the recognition that oftentimes more is needed than just Ibogaine and a great deal of personal work must be done in a short time after this medicine. That is why we have developed a Pre and Post treatment program that gives the individual the greatest chance at success. We are the only Ibogaine center in the world to provide such a comprehensive option to empower and nurture individuals success. Most of all, we thank you for opening up yourself to the possibility of healing and looking at other methods besides the conventional methods that continually fail. We work with this medicine solely because we know it works, it has worked for us and thousands of people over the years. Give yourself a chance and call us so we can show you the true potential that lies within you.

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