About The Program:

I honestly feel like you guys have an excellent program/service there. The whole process was smooth, positive, and just what I was after. I came there just wanting to be “cured” from an addiction but it did more than I thought was even possible. The addiction was just a side effect of stuff in my mind that I didn’t even know was there. That place will forever have a special place in my heart. I have my LIFE back!! THANK YOU!!

I got connected with my life’s work. I am going home to completely rearrange my life.

No withdrawals to go through, and I know the medicine has done its healing work. The doctors and nurses were perfect.

The admission process was very accommodating and fast. I wasn’t left to be in withdrawals for any of the intake process. I appreciated the staff’s warm demeanor.

Changed my life forever. It’s an amazing plant medicine. Gave me 100% freedom not just from my addiction but from all my deep emotional issues as well. All I can say is WOW!!!

I’m home and have never felt more calm. I have not experienced anxiety since returning.

About The Staff:

Loved the work everyone does at Crossroads. All of the staff took very good care of us.

AMAZING! You can tell that they genuinely care; had lots of great conversations with all of them. Very laid-back, relaxing vibe to the house; soo good!

Everyone was charming and personable.

They were all really nice and would take time to answer all the questions that we had.

ALL of the staff was amazing, friendly, warm, compassionate, accepting.


Yes, I’m currently getting a few of my friends who had the same problems on board and Crossroads will be seeing them soon. They are in awe of my transformation and how quickly the ibogaine treatment worked.

Yes. The program is outstanding; I felt like everything was thought of. There was nothing to worry about while I was there; all of my needs were met. The staff was so helpful and kind. I felt like everyone there was really concerned about all the clients’ healing. There was no judgement. I have never been treated that way when dealing with addiction.

Yes, I’ve been ranting and raving already to people close to me about this treatment. Ibogaine is a serious psychedelic that you need to be careful with and your facility is excellent at making sure everything is done right and safely.




Life Stories

There is nothing more gratifying to the professional team at Crossroads Treatment Center than the words of thanks from our clients and their families. We invite you to read some of the testimonials below from our clients. You will find stories of heartache, despair, hope, healing and long-lasting recovery.

Dr. Martin Polanco & Staff, I attended Crossroads with my wife last December, and originally wanted to send an email thanking-you immediately – but, decided I would wait until my presumed “after-glow” of the therapy had waned. And, although I realize two months is early for post-assessment, and some of the acute effects have receded – including the intense optimism and clarity of thought I enjoyed for several weeks – I’m finding that my experience has set me on a upward trajectory of self-understanding and self-improvement. And, each day seems to build upon the last. Your program, the natural medicine, not only cured me (painlessly) of chemical dependence – it brought me back from my isolated state of social withdrawal, and reminded me of all of life’s joys – family, friends, nature, sport, community, love, empathy, music(!!) – pretty much all the things that make us human. And physically, I’ve never felt better (sleep normalized, energy up, anxiety down….I could go on). For all of this, I (and everyone who loves me) thank you. Lastly, I wanted to point out some things, which I understand, will be no surprise to you. The staff, protocol, facilities, & amenities – all top-notch, and perfectly professional. But, there were also two integral parts of the stay, that, in retrospect – I cannot imagine my experience without……5-MeO and Maria. Both of which, evoked immutable-optimism, unconditional-love, and self-empowerment. So, thank you again, for recognizing their importance. Kindest Regards, Brett

I had spent most of my life abusing one thing or another—alcohol, marijuana, cigarettes, cocaine. When I was in relationships, I would abstain from substances for years so I never thought I had a problem. Alcohol was my drug of choice only because it was legal, basically. At the same time, I never felt like I wasn’t an alcoholic since everyone I knew drank as much or more than I did…or so it seemed. It was when I got negative reactions to admitting that I drank alone when I realized that maybe I was drinking differently than others around me. I tried stopping on my own and that didn’t work because I had gotten to the point where I had become dependent on it. Everywhere I went, every dinner I ate, was associated with some type of alcoholic beverage or store I needed to go to. I signed myself up for a local alcohol abuse treatment center as an outpatient and soon found myself lying and finding tricks to cheat the urine tests. I was never really helped by the 12-steps program and it got to the point when I realized the problem something I couldn’t handle. I had become a liar, sneaking alcohol in and bottles out of my shared apartment. I was embarrassed about my actions. I made the decision to go to Crossroads because I had heard about ibogaine and felt like if I could just get something that would help me stop the abuse to my body, I would have time to get my life back together. I was scared of the unknown and what being at Crossroads would bring, but I felt the fear and did it anyway. I wasn’t working and didn’t have enough money, but they worked with me and I decided that this was an investment in myself. Now that I’ve been to Crossroads, I’m no longer an addict. I don’t crave or think about alcohol. My mind is focused on how to create the life I want to lead. I have to say that although I tried not to expect much, Crossroads far surpassed my expectations. They not only saved me from myself and my addiction, I feel like they saved my soul. I feel grateful for the gift of life and the supportive people I have in it. I feel optimistic about what is possible for me. My ibogaine experience allowed me to connect with the deepest parts of myself and find answers to everything that had been blocking me from being the best version of myself. It wasn’t easy; it wasn’t hard; it was necessary, and afterwards I felt a deep sense of gratitude. The toad medicine facilitated my connection to the higher power and helped me become aware of what I needed to do to heal myself. Words don’t really do justice to the experience I had, and it’s so cool that these earth medicines give you what you need as an individual. The doctors, nurses, counselors—the people who worked hard to make our stay comfortable—were the most non-judgmental, beautiful people I’ve ever met in my life. They all sincerely want to support people in their sobriety. Personally, I feel like they are in the business of saving souls. I will be forever grateful to everyone at Crossroads for all that they’ve done and continue to do for me.

My Crossroads psychospiritual treatment was so effective and I am so grateful for the opportunity that I want to share my experience. I have worked in the addiction medicine field for 23 years. I have always had a particular interest in the pharmacology of hallucinogens and I am a member of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. For years I have researched the addiction treatment potential of ibogaine and I believe there is strong evidence to support this as an addiction treatment. I learned about Crossroads nearly a year ago but only learned of the psychospiritual treatment option a few months ago when a dear friend suggested it for me. I have recently endured a very painful and contentious divorce including a custody battle, which resulted in a temporary separation from my children. I experienced a very dark time including suicidal ideation, weight loss, anxiety, and depression. I was prescribed antidepressants and anxiolytic medications. Honestly, because of the severe dark period I had endured I was a little nervous about the ibogaine experience. I discussed it with my therapist and came to the conclusion that the potential for healing was something I needed to take advantage of. The staff at Crossroads are some of the most amazing people I have ever met. They are very professional and yet more empathic than clinical. I appreciated the lack of a hierarchical order; all staff are respected and valued, from the doctors to the cleaning staff. The medical pre-screening was professional and thorough, and I felt safe the entire time. The staff did a great job preparing us for the treatment. I was so very grateful to have the support of Shaina especially. She is a gentle soul and very wise. She exudes a unique energy that is positive, calming, and loving. She helped prepare me to get the most of my experience, and was so very supportive, empathic, and encouraging. I believe she is a big reason my treatment was so effective. The “psychedelic ER” was clearly set up to handle any emergency that could occur but at the same time was relaxing and comfortable. I was grateful it didn’t have a sterile feel to it. I felt safe and well cared for throughout the entire treatment. The ibogaine experience was very powerful. I was able to process some of the recent trauma I had endured, but the biggest benefit for me was actually feeling all the “work” I have been doing with my therapist move from my head to my heart. Issues that I have been working on for months and understand on a logical, cognitive level I was able to accept wholly, to embrace. I felt this brain-heart connection that I haven’t been able to achieve yet in therapy. The experience was so significantly healing that I was very emotional and extremely grateful. Ibogaine is definitely a “rough” trip but I have no regrets and I’m grateful for the treatment. It transformed me. The “toad medicine” was also very transformative for me but in an altogether entirely different way. Shaina masterfully prepared and guided me through the treatment, which she orchestrated specifically for my needs, again ensuring that I got the most from the treatment. She is a gift. The treatment allowed for a cathartic release. I felt years of oppression be released from my body. I felt freer than I ever have in my life. I again was transformed, but while the ibogaine allowed a deeper understanding and acceptance, the toad medicine provided a release of emotional baggage I have been carrying for decades. So powerful! I no longer require the antidepressants or anxiolytic medications I was prescribed. I am so very grateful for my treatment and for the amazing staff at Crossroads. I highly recommend this treatment facility—there is no other place like it!

For the better part of six years I have been an opiate addict. I have struggled with it mightily and have achieved very brief periods of sobriety through Alcoholics Anonymous. A month before I decided to go to Crossroads, I was knee deep in a nasty heroin addiction that I could not shake. I approached my parents and told them I was out of options and that I needed help. Knowing I was completely dejected and hopeless, my mother emailed me the website to Crossroads and Ibogaine treatment. My only knowledge of Ibogaine treatment was that my friend had tried it, but failed to put in the work afterwards to maintain his sobriety. I was skeptical but also out of alternative, so I booked my flight to San Diego that night after talking to Crossroads intake coordinators Joanne and Tyson. I arrived in San Diego airport and was driven across the border to Tijuana to have my blood and vitals taken. The doctors and nurses for Crossroads are incredible. If not for their expertise and compassion, my experience and my current life would be vastly different. From Tijuana, I was taken to the beach house in Rosarita, where I met the staff. Again, everyone that works for Crossroads never judged me and treated me with dignity. From Monday until Wednesday night, the other clients and I were prepped for ibogaine and 5-MeO treatment. The ibogaine itself, for me, was unpleasant. However after the side effects subsided, it felt like I had been brought back to a time before I had ever tried a drug. The next day, I did the 5-MeO-DMT, and words cannot do it justice. The best adjectives I can use to describe my experience are truth and rebirth. Like many addicts, I have been predisposed to anxiety, depression, self-defeating thoughts, guilt, etc. The only thing I knew going into the experience was that I was going to let go, no matter how scary or daunting the prospect. Because of my absolute surrender to the medicine, I was able to cleanse myself of the years of battering myself emotional and become reborn. After experiencing the years of pain and misery initially, I was blasted into a state of complete bliss. It was like every positive emotion one can experience encapsulated into one moment. Since that moment, I am a completely different person, free of cravings and dejection. For the first time I can remember, I have purpose. I am currently applying to pre-med programs out here in San Diego after cancelling my flight home and moving out here permanently. I can’t stress enough the importance of change. It is imperative that the addict who undergoes this treatment not go back to the same situation they were in while using. A change in perspective is paramount. I write this testimonial with the hope that someone who believes their situation is hopeless to give Crossroads a try; it will absolutely change your life.

I arrived at Crossroads feeling completely defeated. Years of struggling with methadone and heroin addiction while coupled with many failed attempts to get clean had left me in a state of hollowness-—an empty shell of a human being. I was grasping at straws. For me, this decision was my last resort and came down to a matter of “do or die.” I had much skepticism upon entering Crossroads. After all, I was a Midwestern girl from Indiana traveling to another country and into unknown territory. My own mother was not sold on this idea and was convinced that at the very least I would be robbed. Perhaps I would be sold into sex slavery. This has become quite the joke between us now. The first person I met on the Crossroads team was Heidi. She greeted me with a warm smile and positive words. Kindness and compassion seemed to effortlessly emanate from this woman. I still was not convinced and watched her every move with much scrutiny. I’d spent time in the past with those in the recovery circuit who just didn’t seem to care and my skeptical nature was deeply rooted in those experiences. It didn’t take the Crossroads team long to lay my suspicious mind to rest. I knew I was exactly where I needed to be. The doctors at Crossroads went to great strides to keep me stabilized and completely free of withdrawals before ibogaine treatment. I went to bed that first night feeling at peace with my decision to explore this alternative route. The next morning I met Anny, the on-site counselor. She spent much time with me and had a tremendous amount of insight into addiction. Anny has so much enthusiasm and passion for her work. I quickly felt that this was not just a job for her. This was a calling—her purpose in life. Anny is a walking encyclopedia of information when it comes to the addiction phenomena and has a way of bringing deep understanding to the layman. Anny helped me to mentally prepare for treatment and alleviated all fear and trepidation. The night of treatment had arrived. The treatment center was quite cozy, with ambient lighting and an atmosphere that beckoned reassurance. I was comforted by the gentle confidence and presence of the doctors. Each member of the Crossroads team are like pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly together to create a beautiful picture. With this beautiful picture as my landscape, I felt ready. Approximately an hour after ingesting the ibogaine I felt myself slowly entering another reality. As this new reality began to unfold, I was hoisted far into the past. I felt as if I had a front-row seat in a movie theatre and watching the entire evolution of man that began from a puddle of ooze and on into the first marine life ever to appear. This story of evolution continued with dinosaurs and eventually mammals. Images of Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon man were floating across my movie screen in perfect progression. The history lesson slowly came to an end. Iboga decided it was time to really get to work. I began flashing through memories that I had long forgotten about. Memories of my childhood, my teenage years, and on into adulthood began to appear before me. I was being shown all of the internal scars within me as if they were a mess of tangled, gnarled roots from a tree. These roots were firmly anchored and would not be removed easily. In that moment I became the gardener of my own soul. This was my work and mine alone. I began to realize this work had to occur without blame and without excuses and with complete forgiveness for myself and others. I felt this huge “A-HA!!” moment of realization that my life is MY creation. It is completely up to me. I possessed this tremendous strength to break all of the ties that kept me bound to addiction. I have inherited a tremendous amount of insight into myself through ibogaine. Ibogaine was a huge catalyst for my recovery. It allowed me to detox without withdrawals or cravings and helped to pave the road to healing. There were many changes in my life that had to be made. Ibogaine isn’t a cure, but it got me through the most difficult part of my recovery. It is important to have proper support to continue my journey forward. I will forever carry a piece of Crossroads in my heart. It’s now been five months since visiting Crossroads and my gratitude continues to grow. I cannot thank you enough for being my bright, shining stars in that dark night!

My husband and I decided to choose Crossroads for our treatment after doing very extensive research. There are many treatments centers that offer the same services. We were looking for a psychospiritual treatment, as we do not have any issues with narcotics. Dr. Polanco and the staff of Crossroads won us over. There actually is NO comparison to other treatment centers. The group of people that have come together to run this facility are top-notch. Every single staff member of Crossroads is genuine, authentic, and compassionate; and the bond that connects them all is a deep sense of altruism. I am in awe by the group that has come together to create this phenomenal experience. I’ve never felt so supported and connected in my entire life. During the treatment, I truly felt safe. This is unique and of the utmost importance for undergoing this type of treatment. The center is absolutely gorgeous, and incredibly comfortable. They pay complete attention to detail, without a shadow of a doubt. Even a month after—I still feel supported. I figured that going over the border would feel a bit eerie, just because of my own perception. However, it was completely stress-free and simple. The driver, Marco, picked us up on the U.S. side of the border and we drove right over without me even noticing! When we arrived to the treatment center—right next to TJ’s largest hospital, through two gates—I felt like I had entered an incredibly secure fortress. I was a bit nervous before this. The building has high security and it felt as if I entered my own palace. The fourth floor had hardwood floors, live green plants, a porch to sit outside, showers, kitchen—everything I would ever need to feel comfortable. Every single staff member greeted us with a warm welcome and a smile. The top floor had a hot tub and a big gorgeous yoga room. I honestly did not want to leave after it was over. Even the beds were the most comfortable beds that I’ve ever slept on! Sandra was our nurse, and I don’t even have words to express the love I have for her! She was by our side through the ENTIRE experience. Anything and everything we needed—she knew before we could even express it to her. She is one of the most caring, compassionate women I’ve ever met in my life! Two medical doctors—I believe one graduated from Stanford in Palo Alto, California—were with us all night as well. I want all of my loved ones to visit Crossroads for a treatment. It’s one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in this lifetime! I wouldn’t change anything at all. Thank you so much to the entire staff. My life will never be the same—every day is brighter and more beautiful thanks to you.

Paria testimonial. I truly believe that me finding out about ibogaine was a miracle. My addiction to heroin had reached its final low. I felt like 12-step programs and traditional rehab centers simply did not work for me, especially over a long-term. Until I learned about ibogaine, I resigned myself to the idea that my destiny was to shoot heroin until I died. Fortunately I did hear about ibogaine, from a doctor in Vancouver. At first I dismissed the idea, thinking that it was too good to be true. A psychedelic drug that would arrest my withdrawal and cravings and allow me one last chance to start over? It seemed far-fetched but I was desperate, and sometimes we need that desperation to become open minded and willing. I started talking with people who had done ibogaine before and the honesty in their voices. It was undeniable to say these ex-junkies were now full of life. I thought there may be hope for me too with this, somehow. The ibogaine experience itself was difficult and uncomfortable. In a beautiful house on a pristine beach, you would think that it would be easy. After all, I’ve tried and enjoyed psychedelics before in the past. But ibogaine was a totally different kind of trip, not something I would do recreationally but the end results of it make the grueling 24-hour trip entirely worth it. It was like having a fast track into what the 12-steps call a “spiritual awakening.” I was able to get into such a deep meditative state that I sincerely felt I have reached the Buddha’s concept of Enlightenment. I find it difficult to put into words what I saw and learned through doing ibogaine, but I will try to do my best. My visions and experience were very cosmic. By looking into myself I found everything in the universe. I realized that me, you, animals, plants, the universe- we are all one. I saw that death is not really a death, but merely a change in form. The essence of every living creature, never truly dies. I realized that the concept of time is somewhat of a lie, because all we truly have is the present. I noticed the duality with which I was dealing with my life for so long- a battle between good versus evil, a constant struggle between the past and the future. And I realized how all of my so-called “problems” were of my own making, and not anything real. Ibogaine changes your perception so that you finally see reality for what it is for the first time. It makes you realize your strength and weaknesses, and be entirely okay with it. Ibogaine gave me a sense of acceptance and wholeness that I have been searching for my entire life. I believe in the science of ibogaine. I believe that physically, it really does work to change the brain. But the psychedelic side effects of it are also useful in terms of having a spiritual experience. I don’t consider ibogaine as a drug that alters reality- it actually allows you to see reality for the first time.

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