Accepting Your Past is Vital to Addiction Treatment – And How Ibogaine Can Help

Accepting Your Past is Vital to Addiction Treatment - And How Ibogaine Can HelpWhen recovering from addiction often times getting over the physical and psychological components are only a fraction of the process. To truly recover from addiction and go on to live a happy and successful life, it takes an acceptance of the past and a release of the negative emotions surrounding it.

It’s helpful to remember that all addiction stems from pain. No one chooses to be an addict. Unfortunately, it is a reality that affects far too many individuals. And with 40-60 percent of people relapsing, it’s vital to find a treatment that treats the entirety of one’s addiction.

Ibogaine is such a treatment and has shown to be unprecedented in helping people with addiction. Because it helps treat people on all the fundamental levels necessary for true and lasting healing, Ibogaine has become one of the most popular forms of alternative addiction therapy.

How Ibogaine Works

Treatment with Ibogaine is unlike any traditional addiction therapy that can be found. The psychoactive properties Ibogaine contains helps one get to the root of their addiction so they may better understand the reasons that have led to their current addicted state. Working in three separate phases, Ibogaine helps first with the physical aspects of addiction and then moves on to help one uncover the psychological reasons they are where they are.

Ibogaine is an alkaloid taken from the Tabernanthe Iboga root that is native to Africa. After administration it begins to work almost immediately to help reset the brain’s chemistry back to its pre-addicted state. It is during the first phase that neurotransmitters are flooded and dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain are restored. It is believed this is what is responsible for quickly getting rid of the physical aspects of addiction, making it easier to face the psychological components that accompany it.

The second phase of Ibogaine is when the psychoactive properties of the treatment begin to take place. It’s here that patients are taken on a journey through their mind that helps them uncover past memories and hidden traumas. Ibogaine has been likened to a guided dream that is highly personalized, showing one exactly what they need to help recover from their current state.

It is in this phase that past memories often surface. These memories (of which many have been suppressed) help the addict to better comprehend why they have become addicted in the first place. This is something no traditional addiction treatment can come close to doing and is one of the reasons Ibogaine is so successful. This second phase of memories coming to the addict in a dreamlike state lasts approximately 8 hours before leading them into the third and final phase of treatment.

The third phase is where someone has the ability to truly let go of the past and the memories that have kept them prisoner to it. This final phase of treatment is known as the introspective phase and guides patients to work through the memories and traumas that were uncovered during the second phase.

Finding Forgiveness

With the past uncovered and still fresh in one’s mind, Ibogaine urges those who have taken it to work through the things they discovered in their minds. It is here that patients often find forgiveness for the people that have hurt them in the past and are better able to let go of the subconscious (and conscious) memories that keep them tied to whatever trauma they once experienced. When one finds forgiveness for others it is much easier to move forward in life without the need to mask negative feelings and emotions.

Perhaps one of the most important things Ibogaine can do in helping one release the past is urge them to find forgiveness for themselves. Addiction makes people do things they normally wouldn’t in a sober state of mind. Ibogaine urges the addict to forgive themselves for the pain they’ve caused others, helping them to move forward in the present moment.

If one stays prisoner of their past it is virtually impossible to overcome addiction. It is the memories of the past that work their way into the subconscious mind to keep people trapped in the vicious cycle of addiction. If one doesn’t work through their pain the cycle continues and addiction continues along with it.

To truly recover from addiction one must let go of the past. It is only then that someone will be able to move on and come from a place of peace in the present moment. Ibogaine has given countless people the peace they’re looking for by helping them to release the past and live more fully with where they are in the present. We can’t change our past, however we can face it. Ibogaine is the only tool that offers this psychological healing while also healing the mind and body.