A New Beginning At Crossroads Bahamas

A New Beginning At Crossroads Bahamas

Crossroads Treatment Center has joined forces with the Avante Institute to usher in a new era of ibogaine Treatment.

Crossroads Treatment Center has established itself as the leading healthcare provider in addiction recovery using entheogenic plant therapies. During our 18 years in Tijuana, Mexico, we built an unmatched reputation for reliability, safety, and efficacy in ibogaine treatment.

This summer we felt it was time for us to proactively reposition Crossroads into a region where our clients’ safety comes first. We are pleased to announce that we will continue to offer the very best in holistic addiction recovery by partnering with the Avante Institute, a premier ibogaine treatment center, designed to offer a blend of luxury, top-tier clinical standards and resort-style amenities in the therapeutic environment of the tropical Bahamas.

The relocation of Crossroads to the Bahamas has allowed us to create what we believe is the most well-designed ibogaine program and treatment experience in the world.

At Crossroads, we offer a team of experienced and compassionate professionals who help our patients overcome addiction with the safest, most effective ibogaine treatments available. Our offerings include a full on-site medical staff; pre-treatment screening; real-time medical monitoring during treatment; and comprehensive pre-care and aftercare programs. Meals, consisting of fresh-caught local seafood and locally-grown organic vegetables, are designed to help the body recover and stabilize, along with a dietary program of supplemental nutrients, electrolyte therapy, and amino acid vitamin and mineral blends. Patients also have access to yoga and meditation classes at the nearby Sivananda Ashram and the spa and fitness center at the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort.

Patients receive their treatment surrounded by meditative gardens, tropical turquoise waters, a private swimming pool and fresh ocean breezes in Avante’s beautiful and luxurious oceanfront property. The location has been carefully chosen because of its proximity to the US and the availability of multiple daily flights to suit your requirements.

We strive to end the vicious cycle of addiction and transform our patients’ life in a profound and everlasting way with our one-on-one recovery coaching and therapy. Patients can feel reassured that they will have the tools to continue their sobriety upon leaving Crossroads Treatment Center.

We look forward to continuing to provide a one-stop solution for our patients and their families with this collaboration.

The Crossroads Treatment Center is now the Crossroads Research Initiative, a single source compiling psychedelic research data, offering expert consultations, clinical guidance, case studies and best practices for integrative psychedelic medicine.