Can Ibogaine Help With Depression?

Can Ibogaine Help With Depression?While Ibogaine is best known for its ability to help people overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol, it’s also shown to be beneficial for people suffering from mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. With depression affecting more than 16 million adults each year, it’s vital to have as many treatment options as possible.

Depression is something that can occur to anyone at any time of their life. The impact depression can have on someone’s life can be huge and in the worst cases people may become so distraught that they end up taking their own life. There are many different types of depression and what is mild for some can be severe for others.

While there are several different causes of depression, the feelings it invokes are universal. And whether depression seems to come and go or never seems to go away, getting help can be the first step toward a lifetime of freedom. Suffering from depression is no way to live and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Many people don’t seek help for depression because they feel it’s a personal weakness or not a “real” condition. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. Getting help for depression is essential if you want to move on from despair and live a happy and fulfilling life.

Ibogaine for Depression

Ibogaine shows promise in treat mental disorders such as depression. It’s believed that Ibogaine works on mood disorders for a few different reasons. For one, Ibogaine causes various neurological changes in the brain and basically restores balance by resetting certain neurotransmitters. Ibogaine is also known to be neuroprotective of dopamine, which plays a critical role in the management of depression.

Another reason Ibogaine is believed to work for mood disorders, such as depression, is because of its way of shifting one’s perspective on the way they see the world and the circumstances that have made up their life. Ibogaine is a powerful hallucinogen that is responsible for taking people on a deeply introspective journey in which suppressed memories and traumas are often revealed.

Depression is often a cause of deeply seeded emotional issues that, if not brought to light and worked through, can lead to much deeper, chronic, depression. Ibogaine urges people to look at these challenging experiences in a different way. It can positively change the way a person looks at the circumstances of their life and provide a different perspective on the way they view the world.

Two things that Ibogaine offers that can have a positive effect on depression are: acceptance for the past and forgiveness for the people or circumstances that have caused them unjust pain. One session of Ibogaine has been likened to years of therapy and does an amazing job at helping one reset their life and move forward in a new direction.

Hopelessness is a symptom of depression that can become overbearing. Ibogaine is a treatment that offers hope to the people that need it most. When used for addiction treatment, people that have taken Ibogaine express how much hope it gives them to go forward and live life again. For those who suffer from depression, Ibogaine is no different. With hope restored, overcoming depression is absolutely achievable.

The psychotropic properties combined with the neurological changes Ibogaine offers have shown definite potential in helping people with depression. No one should have to live lost in the shadows of depression. The people who have experienced depression know exactly how debilitating it can truly be, and it is certainly not the most conducive way to living life.

Ibogaine has been used for centuries as a powerful spiritual healer and has made its way into Western culture as one of the most powerful addiction treatments ever known. As more people discover the potential Ibogaine contains to heal on some of the most fundamental levels possible, perhaps it will have the opportunity to be further studied for the vast array of benefits it contains to help the troubled mind.

It’s important to note that Ibogaine should not be taken with SSRI or MAIO medications that are usually prescribed to treat addiction. If you are taking any medications for depression, Ibogaine can actually be dangerous. If you’re thinking about taking Ibogaine to help with depression or other mood disorders and you’re already taking a prescription, it’s important to talk to your treatment provider for more information.