Ibogaine and Ayahuasca

Ibogaine and AyahuascaHealing with the power of plant medicine is an alternative that many people find at some point during their life. Ibogaine and Ayahuasca are both some of the most powerful plant medicines that can be found on the planet, each with different healing properties.

If you’re interested in taking plant medicine for your own personal healing journey, wondering what to take is a natural part of the process. Many people wonder if they should take Ibogaine or Ayahuasca when looking for the answers they seek. Each is powerful in their own unique way.

So which is right for you? Ultimately you are the only one who can make this decision, but understanding more about each one will allow you to better comprehend the sacred power of each individual substance and how it might work for you personally.

Understanding Ibogaine

Ibogaine has been used for thousands of years by the Bwiti of West Central Africa in the form of Iboga. This sacred root is still used by the Bwiti today and is an integral part of both rites of passage and other healing ceremonies. In the 1960s Ibogaine was discovered to have a very powerfully positive impact on addiction and has become one of the most popular and fastest growing alternative addiction treatments available.

Ibogaine is known to put people into an “awakened dream state” where past traumas and suppressed memories are uncovered. It is during an experience with Ibogaine that you can find a deeper meaning within yourself. People have referred to Ibogaine being an experience where you are guided through a conversation (with the self) to be shown the fears that have been holding you back, as well as where these fears stem from in the first place.

Some people refer to Ibogaine as the “father” teacher, and is considered one of the most powerful detoxing and purifying plant medicines known to man. It is considered one of the best treatments for addiction, especially opiate addiction, and has been shown to have profound healing effects on both a psychological and physical level.

Understanding Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is another very powerful form of plant medicine. Although an experience with Ayahuasca is worlds away from an experience with Ibogaine, both should be respected for the power they contain to transform on deeply spiritual levels.

With Ayahuasca you’re offered images that seem to be coming from a dimension far removed from our own. Like a much longer DMT experience, which is the active drug in Ayahuasca, it can take one much further into “themselves” than Ibogaine.

Revelations through Plant Medicine

Ayahuasca is known to offer deep revelations to those who use it. It is these revelations that help one to move beyond what has been holding them back and make the life changes necessary to put themselves in an environment that is more conducive for their overall wellbeing. Ayahuasca is an excellent tool for those looking to move past whatever is presently holding them back and can be a great way to overcome depression and release the past to overcome anxiety and other mental issues.

Ibogaine also offers revelations but does so in a way much different than Ayahuasca. With Ibogaine what is revealed are memories and traumas that have led to one’s current state. And many that find themselves called to Ibogaine are in a current state of addiction. This isn’t to say that one can’t experience the positive effects of Ibogaine on the psyche unless they’re addicted, but rather those that are addicts tend to use Ibogaine to help them move past their addiction. Ibogaine offers a way out through not just insight to past memories, but through a complete reset of one’s brain chemistry.

No matter what speaks to you, Ibogaine and Ayahuasca are both going to offer you tremendous healing power. They are similar in the sense that they are both natural plant medicines that offer a journey within the mind unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. They’re different in that what is revealed is going to be completely unique depending on which substance you decide to take.

Which is Right for You?

If you’re considering Ibogaine or Ayahuasca it’s important that you do your research before undertaking either of these very powerful plant medicines. Both are very cleansing in their own way and will ultimately offer you the answers you’re looking for. Choosing which is right for you is a deeply personal decision that in the end has the power to positively change your life and offer a completely new way to see the world.