Ibogaine and the Psychedelic Journey

ibogaine and the psychedelic journeyAs one of the most exceptional treatments for addiction, Ibogaine is also one of the most powerful hallucinogens found in nature. Used amongst the Bwiti of the Gabon and Congo regions of West Central Africa for centuries, Iboga is considered sacred and is what the Bwiti way of life is based upon. Used in rites of passage ceremonies as well as a powerful healing tool, Iboga is central to the Bwiti tribe.

There is no doubt immense healing power is found within this root of the Tabernanthe Iboga shrub native to Africa, so much so that it has found its way across the entire globe to help addicts struggling with addiction. The psychedelic journey that encompasses an experience with Ibogaine is known to reset one’s entire perception of life and also one that heals the people who take it on some of the most basic levels possible.

What is an experience with Ibogaine like? What one person experiences is going to be different from the next person, with Ibogaine seemingly giving each person what they need to heal. Ibogaine is different for everyone. But one thing is certain, words cannot do justice to this powerful plant medicine that takes one on a journey deeply inward, far outward, and everywhere in between.

The journey with Ibogaine is long, last upwards of 36-48 hours, and as powerful as the substance is many have reported that once it starts to come on in full force (say a couple hours in) that it doesn’t feel overpowering. It is rather, more of an extremely prevailing cleansing that’s taking place permeating every layer of subconscious, conscious, and physical matter that a person is made of.

Unlike other psychedelic substances, Ibogaine isn’t often taken recreationally. It’s not what one would describe as “fun” and isn’t something you’d ever want to take for anything but extreme healing on some of the most unimaginably deep levels. What Ibogaine tends to show people are things that they didn’t even know existed within (or outside of) them.

The psychedelic side of Ibogaine is one that shows you a sort of “recap” of your life. And this recollection of memories of things you don’t remember happening plays out in a sort of movie that feels as if you’re existing within a dream. It’s been called the “awakened dream state” and feels as if you are within a dream where everything seems real but impossibly unreal at the same time.

In this “psychedelic dream” people are able to tap deep into the subconscious mind and uncover layers of the underlying current of their waking reality. Ibogaine shows you what has happened in your past that has subconsciously led you to your present state, and does so with you observing in a totally detached and impartial way. Here you are objectively watching a dreamy movie of what your life has contained, and it’s allowing you to see deeper into your own psyche and further into the lessons you’ve been given in this lifetime.

What is it you’re still holding onto? Ibogaine will show you this. Whatever lessons you haven’t learned from will be highlighted through the psychedelic experience with Ibogaine. Whatever you need to learn and let go of Ibogaine will give to you. What you do with it is entirely up to you. Ibogaine will open the door. Whether or not you choose to step through it is another story entirely.

Symbolically, Ibogaine seems to show different people whatever it is they need for healing. We’re all different and Ibogaine seems to recognize our own personal differences, giving us exactly what we need at the time we take it to make us see the next direction we need to take. Thought controls situation in this state until each thought eventually leads you to a place of understanding what it is you need for your own personal truth.

The insight people gain through a psychedelic journey with Ibogaine is life changing. Ibogaine is very powerful plant medicine and takes one to places within one’s own psyche that would be impossible to uncover without the assistance of this sacred substance. Ibogaine will show you who you are at your deepest core and offer you your true spirit and essence, doing so without judgment from your own mind.

Ibogaine is powerful plant medicine, and something that should be taken very seriously. It has the potential to guide you to a place where it is absolutely possible to heal on levels that will make you rethink your entire existence and then put you in a place of acceptance for where you’ve been and a place of hope for where you’re going. Ibogaine urges you to forgive others and yourself while opening your mind to levels of an alternate reality that can only be touched upon with the help of this sacred substance. And in this alternate reality you’ll find everything it is you need personally to reset your life and live with renewed passion, enthusiasm, and hope.