Ibogaine, Shamans, and the Pineal Gland

pineal glandAs the center of our own spirituality, the pineal gland (or third eye) is the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds. The pineal gland is at the core of awakening and is what allows us to see beyond the realm of conscious existence. It is our link to the subconscious mind and the truth of our own limitless divine nature. When activated, our pineal glands allow us to see this truth and help us move beyond the illusion of our present reality.

Fluoride and Pineal Gland Calcification

The reality however, is that many people don’t ever activate the pineal gland. In fact in most of the population the pineal gland is calcified and keeps people from seeing the truth. Sodium fluoride is the biggest reason the pineal gland has become calcified and it is in absolutely everything. Fluoride is added to our water supply, toothpaste, different foods, drinks, and other products, literally dumbing us down and keeping us slave to secular society. Understand that fluoride was also added to the water by Nazis and then handed out to people in concentration camps so as they wouldn’t question authority and would remain submissive.

Fluoride keeps the pineal gland calcified so we will not wake up to the truth. An activated pineal gland allows us to experience other dimensional energy and our limitless potential. It takes us to other spiritual frequencies and offers a sense of euphoric bliss unlike anything you can experience through the enslavement of mainstream society. Opening and activating the pineal gland offers a way to connect with our own divinity and become the all-powerful beings we truly are.

Shamans, Ibogaine, and the Power of the Pineal Gland

Shamans throughout many different cultures have been working with the pineal gland for centuries. Understanding the importance of the pineal gland and its direct link to our own divinity, they have been conducting various spiritual ceremonies all over the world in many different ways. Often attained through plant medicine, activating the pineal gland is powerful and has potential to seriously change the way you see the world.

Amongst the various ways of decalcifying the pineal gland and “opening the third eye”, Ibogaine is one that has been used for centuries. Although most widely known for its ability to effectively treat addiction, Ibogaine has been used for thousands of years as a powerful spiritual tool. Used in both rites of passage ceremonies and as a healing substance by the Bwiti of West Central Africa, Ibogaine (the main alkaloid of Iboga, the root of the Tabernanthe Iboga shrub) helps open the third eye and allows one to see clearly through the pineal gland and into one’s true nature.

Taking Ibogaine has the potential to heal on some of the deepest layers possible, which is exactly why it’s been used by shamans in spiritual ceremonies for centuries. An experience with Ibogaine has been likened to years of intense therapy and helps to repair years of programming and belief in a very short amount of time. Ibogaine helps one to open their mind’s eye to the true nature of reality and heal layers upon layers of what they thought was truth.

As a powerful way to decalcify the pineal gland and open one’s mind to the true nature of reality, Ibogaine is used in many spiritual healing ceremonies and is considered sacred plant medicine by various individuals in the shamanic community. For the Bwiti, Ibogaine is what they’re entire belief system is based upon with the substance accounting for their whole way of life. They have found connection within Ibogaine that allows them to keep the pineal gland activated and therefore more closely connected with the spiritual world. Ibogaine is the main element of this tribe’s rites of passage ceremonies and is also what it used when deep psychological healing must take place within one of the tribe members.

How Ibogaine Can Show Us the True Nature of Reality

This healing has the potential to take place within us all. Ibogaine can help lead us away from what we believe is truth and offer instead a vision of the true nature of reality. Those who have taken ibogaine have reported clearer vision, greater power to manifest, clarity of understanding, increased youthful energy, deeper intelligence, and personal liberation.

Through the activation of the pineal gland, Ibogaine allows each individual to open their own mind and the deeply personal inner dialogue and memory that has made up their life. It allows one to observe past memories and traumas, and do so in a way without fear so they may permanently be purged from their psyche.

A journey with Ibogaine and the activation of the pineal gland shouldn’t be undertaken alone. There are many shamanic ibogaine centers that focus on the spiritual cleansing Ibogaine offers rather than it being used in a medical facility as an addiction treatment. Ibogaine is very powerful plant medicine and has the potential to provide serious liberation and deep-seeded spiritual awakening.