The Crossroads Advantage



  • We conduct a rigorous pre-treatment medical evaluation of every patient to minimize the potential for adverse reactions
  • We provide 24/7 medical supervision during Ibogaine detox that includes two doctors and two nurses, the highest Ibogaine treatment center staff-to-patient ratio available
  • We have a fully equipped emergency room on-site
  • We are located next to a major international hospital

Beach Side Balcony Meeting


  • We provide pre-care support to help patients prepare for treatment
  • We use pharmaceutical-grade Ibogaine for consistent dosage and controlled results
  • We include another entheogenic medicine in our Ibogaine detox that works synergistically with the Ibogaine to provide a more complete healing experience
  • We provide aftercare support to help patients remain addiction-free

Crossroads Ibogaine Clinic Interior


  • Our Ibogaine treatment center uses the latest, most state-of-art diagnostic and therapeutic technologies available
  • Our medical staff have studied, trained, and worked at some of the world’s most respected institutions—among them Johns Hopkins, the University of Texas, and UCLA’s Semel Institute—and specialize in addiction- and trauma-related research and treatment with a holistic approach
  • Our pre-care, aftercare, and recovery coaching programs provide an end-to-end treatment experience to help ensure patients remain addiction-free