Why Consider Ibogaine Treatment

Ibogaine Treatment

Research indicates that Ibogaine treatment is effective to a large range of substances that are commonly abused including cocaine, alcohol, methamphetamine, heroin, methadone, and even food addictions. This plant medicine has also been proven to be effective in the treatment of some mental conditions, for spiritual discovery, and greater psychological introspection.

How does ibogaine treatment work?

Ibogaine works by temporarily modifying the brain from sending or receiving craving-inducing signals to or from the body. In other words, this detox substance interrupts the feedback process in the brain that causes one to want or crave a particular substance. For this reason, Ibogaine is known as an “addiction interrupter.” Ibogaine offers a safer and more reliable treatment option when it is compared to other conventional substance abuse treatments. For instance, if you are suffering from a heroin addiction you would probably be prescribed methadone or suboxone via conventional treatments. These maintenance drugs replace the original addiction and satisfy any withdrawal symptoms, but then a much stronger addiction forms to the methadone or suboxone which many opiate users say are even tougher to get off than their original drug. In other words, it’s simply taking one addiction and replacing it with another pharmaceutical addiction, makes one wonder what doctors are doing. Experiencing Ibogaine helps on a variety of levels to assist a person in overcoming their addiction by minimizing both immediate (sweating, insomnia, pain, etc.) and long-term (depression, anxiety, emotional pain, etc.) withdrawal symptoms. Once the withdrawal symptoms and cravings have been ended through Ibogaine detox, a guest can then begin a “peaceful” psychotherapeutic integration program and lifestyle, which will likely bring to an end patterns of substance abuse. Addiction is being better understood as a maladaptive learning disorder with complex genetic, neurological, social, and emotional components and the individual must create new behaviors in order to achieve success (Read more about this here).

Other benefits of Ibogaine detox

One other highly beneficial aspect of Ibogaine is that, as a psychoactive substance, the patient can enter into an altered state of consciousness allowing for a greater perspective on their addiction and life. Some individuals who have entered into this state have reported receiving “revelations” pertaining to the beginning of their substance abuse or resurfacing painful memories that were repressed.  Insights into the root cause(s) of the substance abuse through Ibogaine can aid in the quick recovery and even a permanent end to any substance abuse.  Also, in this state one can experience profound self-discovery, which is important for the general personal development and maturity of the participant. It does this by producing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing effects. The physical change within the person’s brain and actually heals and repairs the neurons that have been damaged from the addictive substances. Mental, emotional, and spiritual healing occur through the consciousness shift that happens in the psychedelic state that Ibogaine produces; psychedelic simply means “mind manifesting” which in layman’s terms is that it broadens awareness and understanding. Due to it psychoactive properties, researchers have even conducted tests to prove whether or not ibogaine would be effective in treating mental disorders. The results show that the medicine is beneficial in the treatment of anxiety, attention deficit disorder (ADD), depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and many other mental disorders. Ibogaine is considered by many to be a “miracle cure” for substance abuse and related issues, but it is important to recognize that it is a catalyst to start the process of true healing, it allows a person to heal but they must put in the effort to change their lifestyle. It offers benefits that you will not find in other treatment options, and it has been proven to be more effective than all other treatments available. For more information, click on the following subpages in our website; how does Ibogaine work? Ibogaine treatment, mental health, and personal development.

Various uses  of Ibogaine & Iboga Treatments.

Ibogaine Addiction Treatment Program

Ibogaine Addiction Treatment

Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center offers a 7-day Ibogaine Detox Treatment program and an Extended Stay Addiction Recovery program. Our one-of-a-kind Extended Stay Addiction Recovery program places the guests back in the US at a licensed and specialized Ibogaine AfterCare home that educates the guest on how to get the most out of their recent experience and integrate back into regular life. Success rates increase around 3x with only a month of AfterCare.

Ibogaine Treatment for Mental Health

Mental Health

The use of Iboga and Ibogaine for mental health treatment began in its original home in West Africa and its effect on mental processes has been well documented. Iboga is still used to transform the mental process and maturity of initiates during a rite of passage ceremonies into adulthood. Ibogaine has been shown to heal PTSD, depression, general anxiety disorder and a host of other issues that arise through living life and even for traumatized military Veterans. This is done in our 3-day Psychospiritual Iboga Treatment.

Ibogaine Treatment for Personal Development

Personal Development

Self-Discovery and Personal Development are some of the most powerful tools for influencing positive behavior. For anyone seeking to grow and evolve as a person, Ibogaine and Iboga are amazing resources for eliminating old habits and embracing new positive mental attitudes. Many very successful people throughout history have used psychedelics to enhance creativity, mental focus and emotional awareness, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Francis Crick being just a few. This is done in our 3-day Psychospiritual Iboga Treatment