How Does Ibogaine Work

How Crossroads Ibogaine Treatments Work

As you have read elsewhere, Ibogaine is regarded as an “addiction interrupter,” this is because it works by interrupting the signals sent by the brain, eliminates the emotional connections to pain and self-hatred, and establishes for people a greater sense of purpose and/or spiritual connection to self and others.

While most detox programs focus on replacing one addictive substance with another (less harmful but equally addictive), like suboxone for opiate addicts, ibogaine does not work this way.

In the “traditional” detox program a new addiction (to the detox substance) is introduced to an individual, and they will, therefore, keep yearning/craving for the “new substance” until they are slowly weaned off it in weeks or even months (this rarely actually happens as most can attest).

On the other hand, Ibogaine detox works by completely eliminating or significantly reducing cravings and even the withdrawal symptoms so that no medications or drugs are needed ever again. Some minor cravings may return in a few weeks or months due to the normal or abnormal stresses of life, but these are weaker and totally manageable if the individual has made the changes and done the appropriate lifestyle work. If a person doesn’t change much about their life between the time before Ibogaine and after then they will struggle, but this can be handled with the proper psychotherapeutic aftercare support, which Crossroads specializes in.

How is the treatment administered?

When each guest arrives at Crossroads Ibogaine center they have usually already gone through our PreCare program meaning they have received emails, talked with a Recovery Coach, and done extensive work with our Ibogaine Intake Specialists. That means they are ready to begin their second phase of preparation which includes the following:

  •  Physical evaluation by licensed physician
  •  Drug screening
  •  Opiate withdrawal stabilization
  •  EKG and bloodwork
  •   Therapeutic support before treatment
  •  Education on navigating the experience

After their preparation clients will go through the final phase of preparation and treatment, and here is what they do:

  •  Two doctors, one nurse, one caregiver, and an Ibogaine facilitator perform treatment
  •  Last dose of withdrawal medication 8 hrs prior
  •  Meditation and breathwork 1-2 hours before with facilitator
  •  Final orientation with medical team
  •  Receive pre-treatment IV fluids to ensure hydration
  •  Receive test dose of pharmaceutical grade Ibogaine HCL around 8 PM
  •  Wait 30 minutes and take subsequent dose of Ibogaine determined by lead physician
  •  Spend the next 8-12 hours going through the intense phase of healing and detoxing with Ibogaine

The following day is the “grey day” where most guests are exhausted from their experience and still allowing the Ibogaine effects to fade away, this usually last 24 hours. During their recuperation time, we prepare food for those that can eat, allow them for time to reflect, have individual and group integration sessions with our coach, and allow them to rest as much as needed.

After recovering from the Ibogaine treatment, there’s the option of taking a therapeutic dose of 5MeO-DMT, this sequential method of using both medicines to treat addiction has been proved to be beneficial through out years of providing out treatments. 5MeO-DMT is a short-acting psychoactive, the experience lasts about 20 minutes, the dose is administered by inhaling the vapor of the substance. Research has shown that utilizing both compounds in sequence may have additive healing and beneficial effects, for information on the study click  on this link: A case report SPECT study and theoretical rationale for the sequential administration of ibogaine and 5-MeO-DMT in the treatment of alcohol use disorder.

The following days we continue with the integration activities, go for a walk on the beach, possibly some massage appointments. When treatment is over clients depart back to San Diego to either enter AfterCare or to go home ready to live free of addiction. We have seen a tremendous amount of success over the years but that has not stopped us from continually improving our treatment. So move through any fear and hesitation that is blocking you from happiness and witness the amazing potential of Ibogaine now.

If you or your loved one are currently suffering from a substance abuse issue, find out more about this revolutionary treatment option.