Mental Health Treatment

Mental Health Treatment For generations, Iboga has been used in Gabon to heal all manner of illnesses and ailments, both physical and mental. Since the main alkaloid of the Iboga plant is Ibogaine, that means that Ibogaine provides that same type of healing. As Ibogaine has the ability to heal the mind it also is very effective at healing the nervous system and body of a person and so many co-occurring physical ailments that accompany mental health issues can be resolved too. Depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), attention deficit disorder (ADD), compulsive disorder (OCD), and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are just a few of the mental health conditions in which Ibogaine has proven beneficial.

Ibogaine, a Catalyst for Psycho-spiritual Change

The ability of Ibogaine to influence psycho-spiritual change means that it works on the part of a person’s psyche that creates many mental diseases and mood disorders. To be more specific, it works on the motor neuron pathways as well as the higher consciousness, both of which affect the capacity of the individual to understand their past with acceptance and release the various unhealthy psychological binders. By allowing this to happen the medicine paves a way for the possibility of a free and joy-filled future. Most patients that have used ibogaine for mental health treatment attest that it not only reinstates you to a state of mental clarity, which gives you a mental picture of a magnificent opportunity-filled future, it will also leave you at a place where you are free from crippling emotions.

Correctable Chemical Imbalances

Ibogaine Treatment Correctable Chemical Imbalances When it comes to the cause psychological disorders, there are many theories including vaccines, trauma, genetics, and poor infancy and childhood development. The reality is less clear and it may be some or all of these things that lead to mental health disorders. We do know though that with these disorders that the neurochemistry changes and many people have a hard time overcoming these problems. Ibogaine has the potential to help restore the chemical balance and liberate the patient from unhealthy mental states of anxiety, depression, and mania by allowing their body and mind to clear itself of years of instigating causes.

Ibogaine – a Catalyst for Change

Mental illnesses affect the person’s ability to interpret or process past experiences, which is a requisite for life improvement. Ibogaine treatment for mental health brings clarity where emotions are freed as chemical imbalance is restored. This eliminates the stressors for these disorders. It helps to recondition the view of life and accept trauma for all people, not just those suffering. The use of Ibogaine in the modern society to treat mood disorders and mental health is still at formative stages. This also means that study data and recovery testimonials are still scarce. Our experience, anecdotal evidence, and testimonials all present proof that Ibogaine is highly effective in the cases where it has been administered. Give us a call to find out more about Ibogaine treatment for mental health and how we can assist you or your loved one lead a healthy and satisfying life. We go further to offer you support needed for a complete recovery process. Browse through our website to find out more about how addiction and other conditions are effectively treated with Ibogaine. We are available by phone for more information and to answer your questions.

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