Programs & Pricing

Crossroads has helped 1000’s of guests experience Ibogaine and achieve success over addiction for over 5 years now. That experience has enabled us to improve and refine our therapeutic model, and to offer a more successful and comprehensive Ibogaine treatment.

Our 3 part program allows for:

  • The ideal amount of Precare preparation and education to achieve the greatest results.
  • A safe and highly transformative plant medicine experience with the Ibogaine detox and other medicines.
  • An extended Aftercare program, helping people integrate back into their lives at a licensed facility in the US.

What makes our 3-part Ibogaine Program special?


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The Crossroads Treatment Center is now the Crossroads Research Initiative, a single source compiling psychedelic research data, offering expert consultations, clinical guidance, case studies and best practices for integrative psychedelic medicine.