Programs & Pricing

Crossroads has helped 1000’s of guests experience Ibogaine and achieve success over addiction for over 10 years now. That experience has enabled us to improve and refine our therapeutic model, and to offer a more successful and comprehensive Ibogaine treatment.

Our 3 part program allows for:

•The ideal amount of Precare preparation and education to achieve the greatest results.

•A safe and highly transformative plant medicine experience with the Ibogaine detox and other medicines.

•An extended Aftercare program, helping people integrate back into their lives.

Precare Preparation

•Skype or Phone Precare Coaching
•Advanced Phone Medical Screening
•Special Media Content
•Confident and Easy Intake Process

5-Day Ibogaine Detox Treatment

•Crossroads Specialized Therapeutic Program
•Medically Supervised Ibogaine Treatment w/ Ibogaine HCL


Aftercare Program

•1 – 3 Months of Follow up Support
•Personalized Integration Resources
•Skype or Phone Individual Sessions with Coach/Therapist
•Emails, guidance, practices and exercises


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