3 Day Psychospiritual Growth & Transformation
This retreat does not treat addiction


We honor the transformative experience that Iboga treatment can bring by offering a guided weekend retreat using a preparation that contains the natural, whole plant version of this medicine. We have three female healers trained in plant medicine and energy work that facilitate our Iboga retreats. They help participants set intentions, release negative energies, and rebalance themselves. While ceremonial in nature, we do not try to replicate a traditional, communal Bwiti Iboga ceremony.

We provide continual 24-hour medical supervision during treatment. Every treatment is supervised by our physician, Clinical Director and EMT nursing professionals. Participants arrive for the Iboga retreat on Friday, spend the weekend participating in the Iboga ceremony and integrating the Iboga treatment, and leave on Monday morning.

Here’s a breakdown of our 3-day psychospiritual iboga retreat


  • Arrive at the Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center, undergo medical testing
  • Have last pre-treatment meal
  • Group orientation, education on the medicines, intention setting
  • Light yoga/stretching, meditation, breathwork
  • Iboga treatment


Saturday is a free-form rest/integration day, with all timing contingent on each individual’s energy/sleep schedule. Activities patients participate in on Saturday include:


  • Journaling
  • Group integration
  • Massages
  • Sunbathing/jacuzzi time
  • Light yoga/stretching



  • One-on-one sacred medicine sessions
  • Educational documentaries, TED talks, art therapy activities for those not in session
  • Horseback riding
  • Group dinner
  • Fire ceremony, final integration/closing ceremony

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