Ibogaine AfterCare

Free Pre Care Coaching for Ibogaine Treatment

Want to know how to triple the success rate of a single Ibogaine treatment?

Ibogaine treatment is remarkably effective at reducing withdrawals and cravings, however, if a person returns to a negative and unhealthy environment immediately after ibogaine treatment, the familiar stressors–like relationships and day-to-day routines–can push them back to addictive behaviors.

This is a major reason why ibogaine treatment is referred to as an “addiction interrupter” not an “addiction cure.” The good news is that following ibogaine detox treatment there is a “window of opportunity” to solidify positive behavior change. Research has not yet determined why people seem more open to change after ibogaine treatment. However, after observing thousands of guest, we’ve seen that the greatest chance of success comes when guests capitalize on this brief window of opportunity–which typically lasts between 3 weeks to 3 months.

By enrolling in our Extended Stay Aftercare program—which comprises our 7-day ibogaine detox and 1-12 weeks of inpatient aftercarepatients have time in the proper environment to turn newly learned insights, approaches, and coping mechanisms into permanent, healthy patterns of behavior. Ibogaine providers from around the world are all in agreement that proper integration, and a greater level of care and education after treatment, are what make Ibogaine treatment effective for the greatest amount of people. Our experience and research echo the sentiments of the rest of the community as well as the Global Ibogaine Therapist Alliance (GITA), Aftercare is a priority.

For that reason, Crossroads has begun to work closely with a facility that specializes in Ibogaine integration in a licensed US sober living facility. We have seen that the success rate of Ibogaine goes from 20-30% to around 65% for those that commit to at least 1 month of Aftercare.


Post-Ibogaine Specialized Recovery Coaching

Along with our world-class Ibogaine treatment, we offer a free Integration coaching session with certified Being True to You Recovery Coach. This will not only provide guidance for our patients after Ibogaine treatment but will offer a chance for our patients to learn skills necessary for success. For those who find this extremely valuable, they can continue with Recovery Coaching long term.


1 Month Follow-up Support

Crossroads provides emails and phone calls, from your intake specialist, to help with the transition back into the regular world. Although they feel great, many guests want help understanding what to do after their Ibogaine treatment. This is why at Crossroads we offer proven tools (Books, Videos, Articles, and Practices) to ensure that your Ibogaine treatment with us will be your last.

Social Media Support Group

Social Media Support Group

Guests get complete access to our private social media support group where they can communicate with other former guests, staff, and our aftercare team thus continuing to get the support they need whenever they need it. Our guests become family and our social media group gives Crossroads family a place to bond, vent, and learn from the struggles and successes of all of those who have been where they are because, ultimately, we are all on the same path.

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