Do I Really Need the Psychedelic Experience?

Do I Really Need the Psychedelic Experience?Ibogaine works differently than any other addiction treatment known. Used for thousands of years as a profound healing substance by the Bwiti of West Central Africa, Ibogaine is not only an extraordinary alternative to traditional addiction treatment, but is also one of the strongest psychedelic plants there are.

Using psychedelics for healing is nothing new. People worldwide all have found various psychotropic plants that have become an integral part of their culture. Perhaps it is the psychedelic influences various plant medicines have on the brain that make them such powerful healing instruments. A psychedelic experience opens one up to parts of the mind that cannot be accessed without hallucinogenic means. And it is here where deep psychological healing often takes place.

Where Ibogaine has been used in rites of passage ceremonies and as a central healing agent to the Bwiti, Ayahuasca has been used amongst various indigenous people in the Upper Amazon for years. The Native Americans use Peyote and psilocybin mushrooms have been an integral part of Aztec Mexican culture for centuries. All are regarded as sacred by the various people that use them.

In the recent past Ibogaine has gained more recognition as a powerful tool in helping people overcome addiction. Addiction rates have skyrocketed in recent years and heroin use has truly become an epidemic. As more and more people look to save themselves and the people they love from addiction, Ibogaine is receiving the recognition it deserves as one of the most successful addiction treatments available.

Because Ibogaine contains hallucinogenic properties and is a powerful psychedelic substance, it is illegal in the United States and deemed a Schedule Class I Substance. Ibogaine is considered just as dangerous (by the US government) as heroin, meth and cocaine. It’s these very drugs however that Ibogaine helps people overcome their addiction to.

The fact that Ibogaine is illegal and a psychedelic obviously makes some people question its ability to actually treat addiction effectively. They wonder if they really need the psychedelic experience and how hallucinating for 24 hours could be of any benefit to the treatment they’re receiving. It’s because of the psychedelic properties contained in Ibogaine though, that make it the powerful healer it is.

Why the Psychedelic Portion of Ibogaine is a Fundamental Part of Treatment

Ibogaine works in three separate phases. It is in the second phase that one encounters the psychedelic experience Ibogaine is known for. In the first portion of treatment, Ibogaine works on the neurological aspects of the brain by flooding receptor sites that have been damaged by heavy drug use. It is some 8-10 hours after one initially takes Ibogaine that this phase runs its course and a person begins their psychedelic journey.

Ibogaine has been compared to a dreamlike state where everything makes sense while not making sense at all. Through deep visions that occur (as if one is watching a dream of their own life) is how Ibogaine works so effectively as an addiction treatment. It is during the psychedelic portion of Ibogaine that one is revealed deeply buried traumas and memories. In rediscovering these aspects of one’s past they are better able to understand what has led to their current addicted state.

The hallucinations that occur during Ibogaine offer in-depth insight to the past. No one remembers everything that’s happened to them, and it is often incidents long forgotten that play an integral role in one’s current emotional state. All addiction stems from pain, and it is so often this pain that is the result of something negative that’s happened in the past.

Oftentimes these events are so emotionally upsetting that one unconsciously blocks them from their memory. Ibogaine and its psychedelic effects is what stirs these memories and brings them to light, allowing one to heal at the fundamental levels necessary to stop using drugs or alcohol. Ibogaine works within the subconscious mind, which is a huge aspect of why it’s so successful at treating addiction.

The psychedelic portion of Ibogaine is what takes one to vast complexities of the subconscious mind. And it is here, buried under layers of emotion and suppressed memory that the real healing takes place. Ibogaine definitely offers a different approach to addiction treatment, but it is because of its alternative approach that it holds the unprecedented success rate it does.

Approaching Ibogaine with an open mind is essential when deciding to take this route of treatment. It is because of the hallucinations one experiences on Ibogaine that they are able to better understand not only their addiction, but some of the deepest parts of themselves. It is only when someone can truly look within their deepest emotional and mental layers that true healing can ever take place.

The psychedelic portion of Ibogaine treatment offers this look within. It is something very powerful that guides addicts to take a different approach to life, ultimately enhancing their perception of the world around them once treatment is over. Ibogaine allows one to see with fresh eyes and the open heart necessary to begin life anew, free from addiction and free from the memories that kept them in an addicted state.